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Hvnc hidden vnc

1 OFRobertRhynceF2020/5/4() 05:51
Npyz y~}u~ t| xppq{p , tty |{ t| u { r ut}uu , xpty ~p |qz {}u rxrppz ry qy{y~ ))
Hvnc, Hidden VNC, Vnc Hidden , Hack VNC, Botnet , hVNC q+ruq p~u|.
ru rytu https://youtu.be/_YrgJU_iASQ
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Hvnc, Hidden VNC, Vnc Hidden, Hack VNC, Botnet, hVNC bot + web panel.
Telegram @ogurzov_k

second video https://youtu.be/_YrgJU_iASQ
- Works on win7-win10 lines with the latest updates.
- Excellent rendering and no black screens, quality like on RDP
- browsers: Chrome F fox Opera IE - including all the latest updates
- The user profile is updated (cookie history passwords info about payment)
- work in a hidden session with applications installed on the OS * (crypto wallets, email clients, bank clients, office ... etc.)
- loader

weight 300kb
hVNC Private
- Qpqpu ~p |y~uz{p win7-win10 |ut~y}y q~r|u~y}y.
- O|y~p yr{p y ~y {p{y u~ {p~r, {pur {p{ ~p RDP
- qpxu: Chrome F fox Opera IE - r{|p ru |ut~yu q~r|u~y
- Py| |xrpu| q~r|u ( yy {{y p|y y~p q |pu)
- pqp r {z uyy y|wu~y}y p~r|u~~}y ~p OR *({y {u|{y, ru {|yu~, qp~{ {|yu~, y... y .t.)
- Loader

ru 300{q
Telegram @ogurzov_k

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